Our Collection

Our Collection

1915 Reo

7 Seat convertible. Old English white and black with black upholstery.

1916 La France

7 seat convertible. Green and black with tan upholstery.

1917 Hudson

7 seat convertible. Ivory and dark blue with black upholstery.

1924 Rolls Royce

7 Seat limousine. Burgundy and black with dark red upholstery.

1924 Buick

7 seat saloon. white and black with pale grey upholstery.

1924 Cadillac

7 Seat limousine. Maroon and black with cream upholstery.

1925 Buick

7 seat convertible. Blue and black with ivory upholstery.

1926 Hudson

7 seat convertible. Maroon and black with magnolia upholstery.

1927 Packard

5 seat saloon. Ivory and maroon with grey interior.

1928 Lincoln

7 seat limousine. Two-tone grey and black with blue/grey upholstery.

1928 Packard

7 seat limousine. Ivory and dark blue with pale grey upholstery.

1928 Studebaker

7 seat limousine. Pale cream and burgundy with brown upholstery.

1929 Lanchester

7 seat limousine / landaulette. Pale yellow and black with red upholstery.

1930 Sunbeam

7 seat limousine. Ivory and maroon with ivory upholstery.

1930 Cadillac

5 seat limousine. Ivory and dark blue with blue / grey upholstery.

1931 Cadillac

7 seat limousine. Ivory and dark blue with pale blue upholstery.

1934 Pierce Arrow

7 seat limousine. Ivory and maroon with blue / grey upholstery.

1936 Rolls Royce

7 seat limousine. Primrose yellow and black with beige upholstery.

1935 Austn London Taxi

4 seat taxi. Blue and black with dark blue upholstery.

1937 Daimler

7 seat limousine. Blue and black with ivory upholstery.

1939 Packard Limousine

7 seat saloon. Maroon with red leather upholstery.

1943 Willy Jeep

4 seat jeep. Army green with green upholstery.

1946 Lanchester

7 seat convertible. Blue and white with white upholstery.

1952 Packard Saloon

6 seat saloon. Green exterior

1988 Bentley

7 seat saloon. Dark blue with ivory upholstery.


What We Offer

First Class Service

We pride ourselves on our start to finish first class service


Special Journey

Ensuring that our passengers reach their destination safely, comfortably and on time

Professional Drivers

All our drivers are suitably uniformed, friendly and helpful.

Beautiful Collection

A special collection of vintage vehicles ready for your special occasion


What People are Saying

“Vintage Wheels are amazing”

Stepping into the garages of Vintage Wheels is like stepping onto the set of Bugsy Malone....all those beautiful cars (and luckily no shotguns!)"

Joanne Lendon

“Absolutley beautiful cars”

"We had the 1930 Sunbeam for our wedding in September and it was fantastic. Ron, our driver, was very professional. Thank you so much Gerry. "

Kelly Marie Dixon

“Truly amazing experience”

"Exceptional courteous staff, and a fun experience. An exciting surprising treat, for a special Birthday. Would truly recommend, thank you to your staff for making it a special day."

Cindy Turner

"Absolutley first rate"

"If you have a wedding or any other prominent event coming up I highly recommend Vintage Wheels. A true pleasure to do business with."

Rob Price


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